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Five Tips for Learning Women’s Maiden Names

Men whose wives kept their maiden names after marriage are perceived by others to have more stereotypically feminine traits, a new study in the journal Sex Roles suggests -- including positive ones like kindness and negatively connoted ones like passivity. Those men are also perceived to be lower in stereotypically masculine traits like assertiveness, and are seen as holding less power in the relationship than their female partners.

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Robnett, citing previous studies showing men either explicitly or subtly pressure women to take their surnames after marriage, set out to find out why the surname swap mattered so much. Her team, studying people from two samples of U. About one in five women married in recent years have retained their surnames, according to a New York Times survey.

Eric Baker and his wife of five years have drawn occasional surprise from their decision to keep their own last names.

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Neighbors Quite a few of us dated neighbor kids, and some even married their high school sweetheart. Middle Names and Nicknames Were you named after a parent or grandparent? All Rights Reserved.

How to Change Your Name and Keep Your Professional Identity

Learning Materials Articles About Us. If you find more than one candidate, write those names down in a list. Look for a woman with her name marrying a man with her known married name. You may have to check the records of some of the surrounding towns, too, as not every person married someone from their hometown, but often married within the general regional area. Women of centuries past often tried to keep their maiden names alive by giving them to their children as middle names. In my own family, there is a middle name used for men that I have traced back to the maiden name of a distant great-grandmother born in the early s.

Any middle name that sounds like it could be a surname is worth investigating. Look for neighbors the woman had after she was married.

7 Little-Used Tricks for Finding That Missing Maiden Name

Do any of them have surnames that match the middle names of any of her children? They might be relatives. Do any of them have surnames that match those middle names?

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He could have grown up near his future bride one of my own sets of great-great grandparents were next door neighbors as children. You just might find mention of her, and a confirmation of her maiden name. This is a modern research technique, but it can work wonders. Autosomal DNA tests all areas of your heritage, not just a male or female line.

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