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Researchers can pinpoint a user's location within a half-mile.

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Terrorists and foreign governments, in theory, could use the collected geographical information to target physical government locations. Or the situation could be reversed — government officials could use the data to target terrorists and criminals or improve response times for emergencies. The report comes at the same time as researchers announced that Apple and Google are tracking and storing location information from cell phones.

Individuals and government officials are expressing privacy concerns over possible location data usage.

What Is IP Geolocation Used For?

Researchers debate iPhone tracking, as a jailbreak solution appears. In the report, the researchers state that their new geolocation method can be used to track individuals in real time, returning information within one to two seconds. More important, the technique is client-independent, requiring neither permission nor software from the targeted computer. The new method uses a three-step process, combining statistical analysis, location data already available on the Internet, and known signal travel times to narrow the location radius of a computer. Unlike previous methods, the new process uses landmarks to improve geolocation accuracy.

In the first step, the researchers ping multiple servers, converting the response time to a geographical distance.

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Where all server responses overlap is the general area where the computer is located. In the second step, the researchers narrowed the area by mapping nearby IP addresses at known physical locations within the potential radius — sites that host their own websites and post their address online— using a commercial mapping service such as Google Maps.

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Using a traceroute program, the researchers then determined which routers are potentially connected to both the known locations and the unknown IP. You can get a good idea of the where someone is emailing you from using a geolocation tool, like the one right on our site see IP Lookup. And that, for the most part, should be good enough.

It will not give you anyone's name and address, but it's not supposed to. That would be a violation of their privacy And you also saw—maybe surprisingly—that other information was displayed, such as your:.

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It came from the IP address geolocation service used to look at the IP address of wherever you were when you visited our site. It all depends on where you are. You can also look at this as a way to get educated on the power of the Internet and the tools that you and others can use to keep safe. Detect and reduce this fraud by knowing your visitors actual location and comparing it with the provided billing address.

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Handling multiple timezones is a hectic and a challenging task for every team. We've simplified this by providing a uniform time zone API. The API remains consisten no matter which programming language you use. Enter any IPv4, IPv6 address or domain name to lookup its geolocation.

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