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In some states, the license copy is made a part of the marriage record, while in others, the record may just have the license number. A marriage record may contain an uncertified informational copy of the marriage certificate. However, many states do not allow a marriage certificate to be added in the marriage records kept for public viewing.

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This is done to control misuse. A marriage record will have all the details of a marriage certificate, but it cannot be used in place of the certificate for the simple reason that the certificate acts as a documentary proof. One can get access to marital benefits like insurance and property claims etc with the marriage certificate and not the record.

Neither of the parties to be married can have developmental disabilities as this would render an individual unable to offer informed consent. Both the partners should have completed 18 years of age. In certain states, it is possible for individuals younger than 18 years to get married.

However, this involves getting a written consent from the parents, and in certain areas, from the judge. Typically, the individuals who intend to get married should not be related to each other directly. For example, siblings, parents, children or grand children cannot marry each other. In some states, it is possible to procure conditional approval for marriage between first cousins, if such an arrangement is sought due to the inability to have children.

You need to submit a copy of a government photograph ID, like the drivers license. Also, you have to provide proof of age and citizenship, so the birth certificate will be needed along with the SSN. If one or both partners were married before, the final decree as proof of current single status is required. Not all states allow you to apply for a marriage license online.

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If you belong to a state that allows this, then you simply need to fill the application form and submit it. After the application is submitted, the couple seeking the license is expected to visit the office of the Registrar of Marriage and show the original documents for verification. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 4.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 5. University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 6. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 7. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 8. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 9.

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More marriage information is usually found on the marriage license application or the marriage register. Less information is found on the marriage certificate. You can expect your application to be processed and filed along with a copy sent to you within maybe two weeks time. And copies are essential to keep everything legal. Copy of Marriage License Wisconsin Share.

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Expect expedited service. Faxing is fast. Expect your copy to arrive within five days. Comments comments.