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Bruhn won countless awards for his work and served on a staggering number of non-profit boards. This is so sad. Paul was a charismatic person with a wonderful smile and encouraging words and ideas. What a loss for his loved ones, colleagues and everyone who had the good fortune to meet him. People, not a landscape, were first in his priority. His integrity and trustworthiness were his most outstanding qualities.

When Paul called me about some concern he had in the NEK, I not only listened, but frequently agreed and worked with Paul to find a solution. When I had a similar concern, the first person I would talk to would often be Paul. His advice and counsel was never self-serving, and was thoughtful and respectful. He unfailingly looked at the issue thru the lens of people first.

RIP Paul. Your legacy of service, to Vermonters first, remains! Sad news. He was not only an energetic and relentless force, but a wonderful human being. This news was hard to hear. Paul thank you for your stewardship. You were a peaceful warrior for beauty and preservation of those important but all too easily forgotten things that made us who we are. Thank you also for your kindness and your encouragement to all those around you. It meant so much to us.

You have left the world better than you found it. You will stay in our minds and in our hearts. A life lived very well, indeed. Paul was an inspiration and great support to so many of us who struggled to preserve the best of Vermont. He worked so very hard at it, and we will be forever grateful.

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