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But I'm not going to live under a rock and not use the same social sites my friends are all using. Just because I don't want to give up my personal data does not mean I should live a life of exclusion. I simply think that until we have more privacy rights - especially around the websites we create our profiles on - we need to look out for ourselves and the people we care about. Must-see talks from 's Chaos Communication Congress hacker conference. In TalkTalk aftermath, it's time for companies to pay higher price for breaches.

Banks told to get tough on cybersecurity in Guardian article on cybercrime serves up Angler Exploit Kit.

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Microsoft's Rust experiments are going well, but some features are missing. Microsoft rewrote a low-level Windows component in Rust. Calls the experience "generally positive. This is when holiday online shopping fraud is highest it's just two days. You might think that the Holidays are manna for eCommerce fraudsters. Yet a new report offers many nuances for retailers and says two particular days truly stand out for rates of fraud.

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Apple's big privacy revamp: Genuine commitment or is it just for show? The iPhone-maker has given its privacy page a make-over, in a continuing effort to prove it's better than its rivals. Amazon fixes Ring Video Doorbell wi-fi security vulnerability. Instead of securing the home, the Ring Video Doorbell could have given hackers access to the user's wi-fi network. Fortunately, security researchers discovered the flaw, and Amazon Law enforcement can plunder DNA profile database, judge rules.

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DNA data is available even if users opt-out in a landmark ruling that could have serious privacy implications. UK government funds 18 projects to develop anti-drone technologies. Government has listened to ideas, is now funding the development of proof-of-concepts and prototypes.

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Law debated allowing confiscation of Bitcoin by the police. Cisco: All these routers have the same embedded crypto keys, so update firmware. Cisco removes static encryption keys that were shared across its small-business routers.

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  • Mysterious hacker dumps database of infamous IronMarch neo-nazi forum. But not impossible. They might be a new match on a dating site that you want to check up on before meeting, or a potential employee you want to learn a little bit about as part of the screening process. If you're concerned about a person's history, you can always perform a comprehensive background check.

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    But many people do these types of searches to find long-lost family members, or find out what is online about themselves. No matter the reason, these free people search sites can help you find what information is available.

    We took a look at the best options for those on tight budgets. When you click links from this website, we may be compensated. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video. Here is a link to the video instead. The main reason people opt for free is because it doesn't cost any money. But there can be other benefits as well.

    Some of these options are an indication that you don't always get what you pay for. It's always a good idea to know what people might find out when they search your name, and it's an even better idea if you can control it. Follow these tips to take control of your public appearance, but remember that just because it isn't on the first page of your Google search results, that doesn't mean it can't be found. There are two main methods for digging up a person's information. You can either go with a site that specializes in the practice, or you can try to sift through social media.

    Both have pros and cons.

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    Ideally, you will do both. But limited time requires choices to be made. Unfortunately, most full background checks will require a paid service. PeopleFinders wins big on affordability and accuracy.

    People Search Sites | MIDASearch

    You can head straight to PeopleFinders to find out more. Every people finder service presents information in its own way, but we really like the way Intelius does it. The service displays people in a spidery graph that makes it really easy to see how the different people in a report are connected.

    Run an Intelius people search here.