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On the Service Ontario website it says there are two types of "longform" certificates. Would I have to use the birth certificate with parental information OR certified copy of birth registration? I'm getting many different answers from different threads.

Certificates -- Birth, Death, Marriage

The one I ordered was the certified copy of birth registration. It literally had everything hand filled in by my mother so a total mess, and lots of cross outs haha. My 'short form' birth certificate was originally uploaded to the site and was rejected by NVC then accepted when the long vervison was uploaded the one my dad filled out. I initially got the one with just parental information, and then I asked at Service Ontario when I was renewing my health card, and the guy there said it was the birth registration I'd need.

I've seen people reference both on visa journey and I don't know which is correct. I now have both versions and will bring both to my interview. I was just going to use my laminated birth certificate that is the size of a drivers license - the only thing I have ever had or used. That was what I originally provided and no issues. Is that good enough for interview or do I need to order long form?

Original Ontario Birth Certificate

Once Ontario birth certificates are laminated they are considered void. For the interview you will need the certified copy of birth registration there are two types of long forms.

Ontario Birth Certificate

The wallet sized birth certificate is more proof of registration and is void once laminated. The long form is a certified copy of what your parents filled out by hand after your birth. To me, the long form BC does not look legitimate at all, especially mine, but I needed it for the Montreal interview and to give to the town clerk when we obtained are marriage license.

You will need the long form, it's actually a copy of your Record of live birth your mother filled out.

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  5. Service Ontario warns of delays for marriage, birth and death certificates!

I They want the copy with your parents info on it to the card will not work. It depends on when a person was born. The old ones like mine come laminated by the province. Regardless though it's not the one we need for immigration, from Ontario it's called the record of live birth.

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The old ones were laminated so not all are voided. But Yes they need the record of live birth for immigration. I forgot there was a period of time when they came laminated. They still should because I had to replace the paper one so many times.

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If information is missing or there are any discrepancies in information, your application may be delayed. For special arrangements or rush service options, speak with the registry agent or Registry Connect.

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  • Correct a birth, marriage, death or stillbirth record. Overview There is only one size of birth certificate. All certificates are certified extracts of the original Registration of Birth. Historical records The following must be applied for through the Provincial Archives of Alberta since they qualify as historical records anyone may apply : copies of Registrations of Birth years old and older from the date of birth copies of Registrations of Birth where the person whose birth is registered has been deceased for 50 years or more proof of the death is required Types of documents issued There are 3 kinds of birth documents you can order: Birth Certificate with Personal Information Only Birth Certificate with Personal Information and Parentage Photocopy of a Registration of Birth Birth Certificate with Personal Information Only This birth certificate includes: full name of the person date of birth place of birth sex of the person registration number registration date date issued Sample: Birth Certificate with Personal Information Only PDF, 6.

    A photocopy of a Registration of Birth usually includes: full name of the person date of birth place of birth sex of the person name of parent s place of birth of the parent s registration number registration date A photocopy of a Registration of Birth cannot be used for identification. A photocopy is generally used for genealogical, court or consulate purposes. How to apply Ordering a birth document from within Alberta Step 1. Complete the application form.

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    • To fill in and save this form: Click on the PDF link to save it on your computer. Launch Adobe Reader. You can now fill and save your form.