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Gradually, as new engines were designed, throttle body fuel injection was replaced by multi-port fuel injection also known as port , multi-point or sequential fuel injection.

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These systems have a fuel injector for each cylinder, usually located so that they spray right at the intake valve. These systems provide more accurate fuel metering and quicker response. Will new motor mounts increase engine response? How does engine placement affect handling? Do exhaust cutouts increase horsepower? Prev NEXT. The Fall of the Carburetor. For instance, to handle some of these tasks, carburetors had five different circuits: Main circuit - Provides just enough fuel for fuel-efficient cruising Idle circuit - Provides just enough fuel to keep the engine idling Accelerator pump - Provides an extra burst of fuel when the accelerator pedal is first depressed, reducing hesitation before the engine speeds up Power enrichment circuit - Provides extra fuel when the car is going up a hill or towing a trailer Choke - Provides extra fuel when the engine is cold so that it will start In order to meet stricter emissions requirements, catalytic converters were introduced.

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Related Will new motor mounts increase engine response? Some engines even used multiple carburetors. Sports cars often came from the factory with one carburetor per cylinder, much to the dismay of their mechanics. These would all have to be individually tuned, and the temperamental usually Italian power plants were particularly sensitive to any imperfections in tuning. They also had a tendency to need tuning fairly often. This is a big reason why fuel injection was popularized with sports cars first. Since the s, manufacturers have been phasing out carburetors in favor of fuel injection.

Both do the same job, but complex modern engines simply evolved past carburetors and the much more precise and programmable fuel injection has taken over. There are a few reasons for this:. Fuel injection can deliver fuel directly into the cylinder, though sometimes a throttle body is used to let one or two injectors deliver fuel to multiple cylinders. Idling is tricky with a carburetor, but it is very simple for fuel injectors.

This is because a fuel injection system can just add a small amount of fuel into an engine to keep it going, but a carburetor has the throttle closed at idle. An idle jet is required to keep a carbureted engine from stalling with the throttle closed. Fuel injection is more precise and wastes less fuel. There is less gas vapor with fuel injection because of this as well, so there is less chance of fire.

Despite being outdated, carburetors are a big part of automotive history and operate in a purely mechanical and clever way. By working with carbureted engines, enthusiasts can get hands-on knowledge of how air and fuel is brought into an engine to be ignited and keep everything in motion.

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How does a carburetor work? In the fuel system Carburetors have been made in a number of shapes and sizes over the years.

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Where have all the carburetors gone? There are a few reasons for this: Fuel injection can deliver fuel directly into the cylinder, though sometimes a throttle body is used to let one or two injectors deliver fuel to multiple cylinders.

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Related Questions. I have isuzu kb carburetter type, washed the engine and the car can not start Hello. If your vehicle will not start after you washed the engine bay then it may be possible that something may have gotten wet. The first thing I would do is check to see that there is no moisture in Car has fuel compression and spark but it won't start. Hi there. From the description you have provided, it would appear you have replaced everything related to the vehicle's engine running. Obviously, replacing components without a diagnoses is not working.

It could be, a faulty ignition switch allowing the engine It cranks over like it wants to start but it won't. Under the passenger seat or in a panel on the dash there is an inertia switch that will cut off the fuel in the event there is an accident. Locate the inertia switch and see if its active Recent Carburetor Repair reviews. Excellent Rating. Number of Reviews Rating Summary.

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